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In 2011, Tal and Kate, two girlfriends knew they needed to drink more water but were really tired of single-use plastic water bottles and hated all the metal and plastic reusable replacements. So, they invented the cult favorite glass + silicone bkr water bottles: small-mouth, dishwasher-safe, sleek and addictive.

Once they saw their bottle actually helped people to stay hydrated and drink more water, they began dreaming about the things they wished existed that would hydrate (and delight) bkr people around the world and would make their beloved reusable bkrs more vital to them than any disposable could ever be.

So, they created the most hydrating, clean, vegan lip balm in the world and engineered a special cap to connect it to the bkrs. Magically, balm was always within reach, lips were repaired, and minds were blown. Next, they listened and made what everyone wanted most–a custom bkr straw cap and soft silicone straws engineered to fit the bkrs perfectly. Welcome to the good sip.

And just like that, the most coveted reusable bottle in the world has become more and more indispensable and unforgettable. bkr is on a mission to become your hydration everything and the ultimate destination for people who know that healthy, wellness and beauty start inside.